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Better health and wellbeing is a focus within our sessions, performance as an individual and as a team player is enhanced when we feel comfortable and happy. Throughout, we try to ensure groups express behaviours from all of the 5 fundamentals of wellbeing (giving, learning, moving, taking notice, and connecting). We also support teams in creating their own wellbeing tactics which they can use in the future.

Some of the methods we use in Team Spirited sessions - Laughter Therapy is a big one - have been designed specifically for elevating mood and inducing happiness. Another approach to better wellbeing is discussing thoughts and feelings , CBT therapy offers an excellent format for doing this and it focuses more on  the psychological aspects of happiness, by using speech, group engagement and reciprocity.  

The 5 ways to wellbeing

5 ways to Wellbeing


2.Take notice




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Our wellbeing greatly effects how we interact with the world and those around us. Each of the five ways to wellbeing represent the fundamental pillars, in which if our behaviour corresponds with, will guide us towards feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. We understand that sometimes the busy lives we lead make dedicating time to our wellbeing seem like a burden, besides, sometimes the mountains of information we regularly encounter on the topic seem overwhelming. At Team Spirited, we believe taking action towards better wellbeing doesn't have to be time consuming, thats why we've created  'making wellbeing easier' - our effort to make self empowerment through better wellbeing more accessible and easy to implement in our busy day to day lives.


Making wellbeing easier: The 5 ways to wellbeing

Making wellbeing easier content gives real suggestions on how you can work towards better wellbeing and overall self, even when time is limited.

Make Wellbeing easier team building wellbeing

5 ways to wellbeing - 20 ways

Simple ideas to team build and learn

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14 ways to connect

Connect - 14 fast ways to

14 ways to move for better health. Team Building Nottingham

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