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Available between 6am and 10pm.

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Request any time between 6am and 10pm on your chosen day (once requested this time will be reserved for your team). 

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About Team Building Sessions

Team Building Leaders

Team Spirited team building sessions are designed to be fast paced and engaging. A mixture of Improvisation Theatre, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Laughter Therapy make for a hands on experience ideal for groups of all kinds. Activities are designed to impact on each participant by challenging a range of soft skills they'll use regularly in the workplace and in social environments; whilst at the same time encouraging general team skills by testing attributes such as communication, collaboration and resilience. 


Whether in the office, on the shop floor or sharing the same goals for the community - this session is ideal for bringing teams closer. Our experienced session leader takes care in ensuring that teams don't just gain noticeable emotional benefits, but also receive takeaways which they can use whenever they're needed. For more information about the sessions we provide please contact one of our friendly representatives at and they will be happy to answer any questions. 



How long do sessions last?

All team building sessions last between 1 and 1.5 hours - we determine the exact duration by the size of the group participating. We're committed in keeping sessions as concise as possible, without compromising on quality of course. We're firm believers in that a fast pace keeps teams engaged and on their toes. Moreover, a 'shorter than conventional team builder' allows groups with the busiest of schedules to receive a well deserved boost - without disrupting their goals. 

Team Building Session Clock

Group of 5 - 10  : 1 hour

Group of 11-16    : 1 hour 15 minutes 

Group of 17+      : 1 hour 30 minutes


Session criteria

We're based in the Nottinghamshire area within the East Midlands, United Kingdom. One of our session leaders can deliver a session at any venue you select (workplace, outdoors, or other) providing it is also within the East Midlands (Online sessions can be booked from anywhere in the UK or Ireland).

For us to be able to deliver a session you must make sure that:









The above criteria is for face-to-face sessions, for online session criteria you can access the online session page below.



Team Clipboard for Services

You're based in East Midlands area.

You have access to a space whereby your chosen group size can stand comfortably (scroll down for Covid-19 safety).

There are no noise constraints in your chosen space.




Online session page

Covid -19 Safety

Due to the impacts of the pandemic, wont it be great when we can get back together and enjoy each-others company? Our sessions will comply with current and future safe working guidelines, ensuring teams can reconnect without any worries or concerns.

We have implemented the following safety measures in our sessions:​

  • Temperature checks on entry (on average take 5-10 minutes)

  • Smell test on entry - you'll be asked to identify a smell (on average take 5-10 minutes) 

  • If an individual is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 such as coughing we may ask them to leave the session in order to protect the other participants

  • Thorough deep cleaning of any equipment and props previously used

  • Monitored spacing between participants to ensure 2 metre distance

  • And any additional measures your organisation has in place

Covid-19 SAFE


Our sessions feature mixture of activities all derived from the practices shown below, if you want more information on any of the activities we offer click 'learn more' or contact us directly. 

Team Building Nottingham Improv

  • Decision making & confidence

  • Stress tolerance & Positivity

  • Creativity & innovative thinking

  • Communication & collaboration skills

Improvisation Theatre  improves:

Team Building Session Nottingham

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy improves:

  • Self awareness

  • Ability to deal with change

  • Self esteem & confidence

  • Communication & collaboration skills

Team Building Group

Laughter Therapy improves:

  • Positivity & Wellbeing

  • Health & bodily function

  • Concentration ability

  • Communication & Collaboration skills