Virtual Team Building sessions



wherever your team may be.

Sessions via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Can be joined from home or the office.

Available between 6am and 10pm everyday.

Online Team Building Games and Activities

Our online team building sessions offer professionals working remotely an opportunity to interact and engage with one another in real time. All activities led by our experienced session leader have been thoughtfully designed to keep everyone involved and contributing, whilst employing skills that are key in maintaining professionalism and working collaboratively as a team whilst working out of office. 

The same distinct methods used in face to face team spirited sessions work great online as well. We have adapted activities to accommodate the online format and also an added emphasis on skills necessary for remote communication. Online team building sessions can be booked from all locations within the UK, if you want to find out more please don't hesitate to send any questions to


All thats required from participants is access to a computer with WIFI capacity, at least an arms length of space and an environment whereby noise isn't a constraint. Thats all! information such as member IDS (if using Zoom or Microsoft teams) will be requested when receiving your booking confirmation. 


Technical help

Online virtual sessions are hosted over video sharing platforms: Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If you're unsure on how to use either of these platforms, then please visit the links below for useful guidance and usage information.


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